Honda Civic

Honda Civic is one of the most popular and well known Honda cars, a classic compact car launched back in 1972. Among Honda cars, Civic takes place between the small Fit/Jazz and the mid-size Accord.
On the basis of Honda Civic, the powerful and fast hot-hatch the Civic Type R is made. This car has outlived and replaced cars like Honda CRX, and Integra/Acura RSX.
Also, Acura EL, CSX, ILX, and many other cars were made on the Civic platform.
The main competitors of Honda Civic are Chevrolet Cruze, Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3, Volkswagen Golf/Jetta, Scion tC, Subaru Impreza, Kia Forte/Cerato, Hyundai Elantra, Ford Focus, Nissan Sentra/Almera, Opel Astra, Mitsubishi Lancer and similar cars.
During its entire history, Civic has been fitted with a huge number of engines, and we will try right now to figure out everything about them. We won’t consider too old models, and we will start with the fifth generation.

The 5th generation Honda Civic engines make up a list of boring motors: D13B, D15B, D15Z, D16A, D16Z and B18B. Only two engines were of interest: B16A1 and B16A2. Both engines, where the VTEC system was used, could reach 8,000 rpm and developed impressive power.
By the same analogy, the 6th gen Civic family of engines was created. Among conventional engines for relaxed driving in the city, you could find D13B, D14A, D15Z, and D16Y. For speed fans, the 1.6-liter 160 horsepower Honda Civic Si with engine B16A2 was made. In Japan, Civic Type R was available that was fitted with the 1.6-liter 185 horsepower B16B engine that had the redline at 8,400 rpm.
From 2000 to 2005, the seventh generation Civics were made with upgraded engines. D15Y, D15Z, D16W, and D17A were installed under the hood of these cars.
The most dynamic was Civic Type R with the K20A engine, which reached 200 HP. For JDM Civic Type R, power of this engine was increased to 215 horsepower.
Then the 8th gen Civic came, and buyers were offered the following engines: R20A, R18A, R16A, L13A, K20Z2, and K24Z. There were also the diesel N22A and hybrid LDA.
Special fast versions were also traditionally made. In the US, Civic Si with the 197 HP K20Z3 engine was sold. In Europe, the 8th generation Civic Type R with the 201 HP K20Z4 engine was available.
The fastest was JDM Civic Type R with the 225 HP K20A engine. Also, limited edition of 240 HP Civic Mugen RR was released in Japan.
In the ninth version of Civic, modified engines from the 8th generation Civic were used: R16A, R18Z, R20Z, K24Z, L13A, and N22B.
In addition to common engines, there were more powerful versions. For the 9th gen Civic Si, 2.4-liter K24Z7 was offered, which could reach 208 HP. Version Civic Type R was much faster, the turbocharged 2.0-liter K20C1 engine was used here, its power reached 310 HP.
In 2015, 10th generation Civic was launched, where many new engines were used: R16B, R18Z, K20C2, and L15B7.
Honda Civic Si got the 205 HP turbocharged L15B7 engine.
The top model is the Civic Type R, where the 310 HP turbocharged K20C1 engine is used.

Here you will learn where Honda engines are made, which one is better, safer and more durable, as well as their specifications. Wikimotors will tell you about their main problems (noise, knocking sound, inability to start, rough idle, vibration, oil leaks), and ways to fix them, recommended oil type, its amount and replacement interval. You will also learn how to add power to the Civic engine, what mods are needed for this purpose, how much horsepower can be provided by various performance parts and upgrades, and more.

List of Honda Civic models:


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