Lexus is the world-renowned Japanese manufacturer of premium cars. This company was established in 1989 as a luxury Toyota division. First, Lexus cars were sold only in North America, but later they became really popular, so they started to be sold in many countries around the world.
As for technology, Lexus cars are very close to Toyota. Many of the Lexus models have Toyota analogues with different appearance. Lexus interior and exterior is significantly different from Toyota.
Is Lexus engine same as Toyota? Oh yeah, Lexus vehicles are equipped with Toyota engines and their number is huge. Mid-size and compact models use inline-4 cylinder engines of naturally aspirated and turbocharged versions. Bigger cars (SUV and large sedans) use large V6 and straight-6. Some Lexus cars were equipped with the iconic Toyota Supra 2JZ engines.
The top level models have powerful Lexus V8 engines under the hood. At the very top is Lexus LFA 1LR engine, this is sport naturally aspirated V10 4.8 l. This high-rev engine has been specially developed for the first Lexus supercar, and is used on it only.
To this, Lexus hybrid engines are quite popular. They are a gasoline engine together with an electric motor.
Until the mid-2000s, the Lexus cars were equipped with well-known straight-6 such as 1FZ, iconic 2JZ, and small 1G.
Diesel engines in Lexus are very rare, but they exist. They are either straight-4 2AD or V8 1VD.

Here you may read reviews and Lexus engines specifications, and find out, which engine is used in your car. You may also learn where these motors are produced, their lifespan, what engine oil is better to be used for Lexus, and how often it needs to be changed. And also, what are the main problems of these motors (knocking noise, misfire, vibration, won’t start), fixes, their reliability, and durability. If you love speed and tuning, here you will find recommendations how to increase the power of your engine and how you can get extra horsepower. You may learn also what performance parts will give you the most power.

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