Infiniti is Japanese luxury cars manufacturer, which was founded in 1989. This brand is a division of Nissan. It was created specifically for the competition in the premium class market with Acura and Lexus. Initially, Infiniti cars have been targeted at the US market, but later they began to be sold worldwide.
Virtually every model of this brand has a counterpart in the Nissan range or uses Nissan platform.
All Infiniti engines are the most powerful and large Nissan engines, but sometimes they are also from Mercedes-Benz. The cheapest cars use turbocharged 4-cylinder Mercedes-Benz engines, as well as V6 Nissan VQ25. The most common models use 6-cylinder VQ35 and VQ37, they are found in many Infiniti models. The largest cars and SUV’s are equipped with V8, for example, such engines as VK45, VK50, and VK56.
In the oldest models of 90’s you may find inline 4-cylinder SR20DE, as well as VG30, VH45, VH41, and other engines.
Diesel engines are rare, however, you may buy diesel Infiniti with 3.0L V9X or Mercedes-Benz OM651.
Hybrid Infiniti are becoming more popular, however, yet they are not too numerous. At the moment, VQ35HR and QR25DER are the only engines used with the electric motor.
For the customers that want more speed, the sports VR30DDTT engine is manufactured. It is a bit smaller version of the Nissan GTR engine.
Choose your car model in the list and you will learn who makes Infiniti engines, find reviews and specifications of these engines, as well as the differences between them, what their modifications are and on what cars they may be seen. In addition, you will learn what their main problems are (noise, high oil consumption, overheating, etc.), how to repair Infiniti engines, their life expectancy, and reliability. At last, you will learn how much oil is in the engine, which oil is recommended to use, and how often you should change it.
If you think that the stock engine power is not enough, then we’ll show you how to increase the power in a reasonable way and which upgrades should be used for this purpose.
All this will help you choose the best Infiniti engine and enjoy your car.

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