Scion tC

Scion tC


Scion tC is one of the most popular cars of this brand, which was being manufactured from 2004 to 2016. This car has no direct Toyota analogue, but it uses the Avensis platform.
Among Scion models, this one occupied a position between xB and FRS.
The main competitors of tC: Honda Civic, VW Golf, Mazda 3, Chevrolet Cruze, and other compact cars.
In 2016 Scion brand has been eliminated, and Scion tC production ceased as well.
Does Scion tC have Camry engine? Yes, this car was equipped with Camry engines, but thanks to its light weight, tC accelerates much better than Camry.2011 Scion tC
First-generation Scion tC engine is a popular 2.4L 2AZ with 160 horsepower. It is pretty good for such a small car. In the second generation, this engine was replaced with 2AR, its displacement was increased to 2.5L. Such cars have a capacity of 180 horsepower, and that’s enough for really active driving. You will not find small and economical engines here.
Are you wondering how to increase Scion tC engine power and make it even faster? We will tell you something about this: what upgrades and aftermarket parts will help you get more power, how much horsepower your engine can sustain, and more.
If you are concerned about the reliability and durability of the engine, then it will be interesting for you to learn about its possible problems, their causes, and how to avoid them. And also, what engine oil you should use, what oil capacity is, and how often you need to change the oil.

List of Scion tC models:

1st generation, ANT10 (2004 – 2010):
Scion tC (160 HP) – 2.4 L

2nd generation, AGT20 (2010 – 2016):
Scion tC (180 HP) – 2.5 L