Acura is a luxury part of Japanese automaker Honda that has been making cars since March 1986.
It is the first experience of Japanese manufacturers in the area of premium cars, after which everyone’s favorite Lexus and Infiniti emerged. At the beginning, Acuras had been intended for the North American market, then they started conquering more and more countries around the world, competing with BMW, Mercedes-Benz and other brands.

Acura engines are no different from Honda engines, but for luxury cars, they tried to select only the best and most powerful engines.
Small 4-cylinder D16 engines were installed on the 1st and 2nd generation Integra, and on Acura EL. D17A was also installed on EL.
Engines K20 and K24 are especially loved by fans of engine upgrade. They can be found under the hoods of Acura RSX, CSX, TSX, and ILX. You can also buy an ILX with very reliable R20A engine, or a Hybrid version with LEA.
In larger cars, V6 engines are most frequently used: C27, C32, C35, J30, J32, J35, and J37.
The top model in the Acura line-up is NSX. It is equipped with a 500 HP twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 engine.

You can learn more about Acura engines by choosing the model of your vehicle below. We will tell you about the most important characteristics of all models and modifications of these motors. There you learn how reliable they are, what problems occur with them, and what their reasons are, what engine oil to use, what the engines’ oil capacity is, and how often is should be replaced. Moreover, you will learn how to boost the power of your engine, how much horsepower you can add without destroying it, and much more.

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