Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is a well-known Japanese automaker, one of the largest in Japan.
This company was the first among the Japanese car manufacturers to enter the market of luxury cars. They created the Acura brand back in 1986, and started conquering the North American market. These are more expensive, powerful and sports cars, but Acura models are unified with the main lineup of Honda cars. After this step taken by Honda, their main competitors acted similarly. Now we know about Lexus from Toyota and Infiniti from Nissan.

In addition, Honda is a famous manufacturer of motorcycles and other equipment (boat engines, generators, etc.). Therefore, it is no surprise this industrial company is the world’s largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines.

Honda engines are a huge model line-up, ranging from small 2- and 3-cylinder engines to big V8 for car racing. The most famous and commonly used are the inline four cylinder Honda engines. Many of them combine sporty specs, high power and incredible reliability. That’s what has earned these engines respect of car owners around the world.
For larger vehicles and SUVs, reliable V6 engines were used. Also, engines in this configuration were used on the legendary Acura NSX.

Wikimotors will help you choose the best Honda engine. That’s where you will find the reviews and main specifications of Honda engines, both new and old, of various models and modifications. We will discuss the main problems and their reasons; why they are so reliable, what their service life expectancy is under normal operating conditions, how to increase the power and how much power you can get in various versions. Also, what engine oil should be used for Honda, what oil consumption and the oil capacity are, how often oil should be replaced, what cars have Honda engines, and a lot of similar useful information.

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