Honda CRX

Honda CRX is a sports compact hatchback (Targa since 1992), which was produced between 1983 and 1997. In the lineup of Honda sports cars, CRX was in the lowest position, below Honda Integra.
In 1997, CR-X was discontinued, and was replaced by Honda Civic Type R.
This small aggressive car became famous due to the interesting and very dynamic engines for their time. The first generation is quite rare, let’s start with the second generation.Honda CRX

Second generation Honda CRX engines start with 1.4-liter straight-4 D14A and weak versions of D15B. The most interesting engines were D16A for CRX Si and D16ZC for JDM CR-X. In the European market, the most dynamic CRX’s with B16AVTEC engine were sold; these engines provided 150 HP from the 1.6-liter displacement.
Third generation CRX appeared in 1992, and is most known as Del Sol. Honda Del Sol engines are D15B, D16Z and D16Y. Under the hood the fastest De lSol, there were 160 HP 1.6-liter B16A2 and B16A3 engines with the VTEC system. There are Del Sol versions JDM where 172 HP B16A were used.

Below you can find specifications of CRX engines, their main problems and their reasons. You will also learn what oil is recommended for your engine, how much oil is required for replacement, how often replacement should be made. We will tell you about the expected operation time of the engine, what upgrades are required to make a fast naturally aspirated B16A or a powerful B16A Turbo.

List of Honda CRX models:


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