Scion is the branch of Japanese Toyota Company, which produced cars for the North American market. The company was founded in 2003 and positioned itself as a manufacturer of cars for youth. Most Scion cars have Toyota analogues or use some Toyota platform.
In 2016, Scion brand went out of business.
Scion engines are small, like the cars themselves. Almost all of them are straight 4 cylinder, except FR-S, which is horizontally opposed engine.
Does Scion use Toyota engines? Of course, but there is something else. The smallest ones are 1.3L 1NR and 2NZ, then come 1.5L Toyota 1NZ and Mazda Skyactiv-G. The larger cars used 1.8L Toyota 2ZR, but there is also something else. The smallest is a 1.3 liter 1NR 2NZ and, above them were located 1.5 liter Toyota 1NZ and Mazda Skyactiv-G. larger cars use 1.8-liter Toyota 2ZR.
The most powerful engines were 2.4L 2AZ and 2.5L 2AR, which were installed in Scion tC and Scion xB. The top-end was 4U-GSE – the flat-four cylinder engine, which is produced by the Subaru Company. You can find it only in Scion FRS.
These are all Scion engines, there was nothing else, no diesels or hybrids.

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