Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey is a mid – size MPV produced since 1994. In 1998, two models of the second generation were released; one was intended for North America, the other – for other countries. This division is in place today as well.
In the lineup of Honda minivans, Odyssey takes the highest position, immediately above Stream. In North America, Honda only sells one MPV model.

In first generation Odyssey, engines F22B and F23A were used, which were small 4-cylinder engines. The international version of Odyssey has a 3.0-liter V6 J30A.
The second generation of USDM Odyssey boasted the new V6 J35A engine. In the model for the international market, F23A and J30A engines were used.
In 2003, Honda released 3rd generation Odyssey, where the new I4 K24A engine was used. The next year, an American version of Odyssey 3 was released with a modified J35A engine. A similar situation exists today: the common version uses various modifications of the K24 engine, while USDM Odyssey is fitted with various modifications of the J35 engine.

Below, we have collected the most important information about Honda Odyssey engines of both versions: their specifications, main problems (noise, oil leaks, high oil consumption, power dips), their reasons, and ways of fixing them. We also know what engine oil is recommended, oil capacity and replacement interval. We will explain how long the service life of the engine is, how long it can run, what mods are required to get more power, etc.

4th generation (Intl.), (2008 – 2013)
Honda Odyssey (173 HP) – 2.4 L

4th generation (USDM), (2010 – 2017)
Honda Odyssey (248 HP) – 3.5 L

5th generation (Intl.), (2013 – present)
Honda Odyssey (175 HP) – 2.4 L
Honda Odyssey (185 HP) – 2.4 L
Honda Odyssey (190 HP) – 2.4 L

5th generation (USDM), (2017 – present)
Honda Odyssey (280 HP) – 3.5 L