Honda Torneo


Honda Torneo is a mid-size sedan produced between 1997 and 2001 exclusively for the Japanese market. This car based on the platform of 6th generation Honda Accord. The main difference between Accord and Torneo is in the slightly modified exterior.
In 2001, they were discontinued are replaced by ordinary Honda Accord.Honda Torneo

Equipment of this car is no different from the one of Accord 6. The engines in Honda Torneo are the same as in Accord, they are straight-4 F18B and F20B.
For the powerful version of Torneo, SiR, F20B was used, which reached 180 and 200 HP. But there was an even more dynamic model, Honda Torneo Euro-R. These models were fitted with the H22A engine, which reached 220 HP.

Here we have collected for you specifications of all these engines, we have told you about their main problems and disadvantages, how long they will be able to run without serious problems, recommended oil, etc. For those who are not happy enough with the stock engine, we have some tips that will help getting even more power.

List of Honda Torneo models:

1st generation (1997 – 2001):
Honda Torneo (140 HP) – 1.8 L
Honda Torneo (150 HP) – 2.0 L
Honda Torneo SiR (180 HP) – 2.0 L
Honda Torneo SiR (200 HP) – 2.0 L
Honda Torneo Euro-R (220 HP) – 2.2 L


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