Honda Prelude


Honda Prelude is a compact sports car that was made from 1978 until late 2001. In the Honda lineup of sports cars, Prelude was between the small Integra and the NSX sports car.
Honda Prelude competitors are Toyota Celica, Nissan 240SX/180SX/200SX/Silvia, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Volkswagen Golf GTi, and many other sports coupes in this class.
It is a usual fun to drive compact car, where the good and powerful engine plays an important role. We won’t consider very old models, and will start with the 4th generation.Honda Prelude

Honda Prelude 4 engines were different inline-4 engines F20A, F22A, F22B and H23A. They were not too powerful and developed 130-160 HP. The most aggressive versions were Prelude VTEC or Prelude VTI-R/SR-V, where 190-200 HP H22A engines were used.
In the end of 1996, 5th generation Honda Prelude was launched. Here you can also find slower versions with engines F20A, F22B and F22Z. For lovers of fast driving, Prelude Type SH, SiR, VTi, VTi-S, VTi-R, and other modifications were made with engine H22A used. Such Preludes reach 185 and 200 HP. Top models were JDM Prelude SiR S-Spec and Type S, where H22A reached 220 horsepower.

Below you will learn what engine is used in your Honda Prelude, what its difference from other engines is, its specifications, major problems and their reasons. You will also learn about the recommended motor oils for Prelude, oil capacity, oil change intervals and the approximate lifespan of these engines.
You will surely be interested to know about performance tuning of the Honda Prelude engine, and we know something about it. There are a few tips here about how to build a naturally aspirated Prelude 250 HP or a 300+ HP Turbo project. Here we have a list of major upgrades and performance parts for doing so.

List of Honda Prelude models:


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