BMW 1-Series

BMW 1-Series belongs to a compact premium class autos which is defined lie C-Segment in Europe. It takes the lowest position in the model line of major German automaker right after BMW 3-Series. Coupes and cabrios were manufactured on base of 1st gen BMW E81/E87 which had E82 and E88 indexes. Later coupe became separate BMW 2-Series model. BMW 1-Series competes with such popular rivals in this segment as Volvo C30/V40, Audi A3, Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Lexus CT, Acura ILX, Alfa Romeo Giulietta and other compact hatchbacks of luxury class.BMW F20 1 series

BMW 1-Series is equipped with various versions of engines. They include 1.6 and 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged motors as well as more powerful versions which include 6-cylinder 3-liter turbocharged engines. Engines versions which are introduced by BMW also have Efficientdynamics versions along with other modern types of motors. Moreover BMW 1-Series can also be equipped by 1M and M135i sports versions of engines with more than 300 HP. On the other hand the variety of diesel engines is not so wide. Nevertheless customers are still able to choose among two main versions which include 1.6 and 2.0-liter diesel motors with different level of HP.

Here you will find overviews and detailed descriptions of BMW 1-Series engines including top motors. Our overviews will provide you with information about motor types, codes, locations of their codes, specs, size, possible problems and drawbacks, malfunctions (reduced power, trembling, vibration, noise, oil leaking, overheat and other possible problems which can occur). You will be provided with useful tips and recommendations connected with repairing works, oil, tuning, upgrades and many others.

You can compare and contrast all available 1 Series engines and choose the one that will suit all your requirements and needs. 

List of BMW 1 Series models:

2 Generation, F20/F21 (2011 – present)
BMW 114i (102 HP) – 1.6 L

BMW 116i (105 HP) – 1.5 L

BMW 116i (136 HP) – 1.6 L

BMW 118i (136 HP) – 1.5 L

BMW 118i (170 HP) – 1.6 L

BMW 120i (177 HP) – 1.6 L

BMW 120i (184 HP) – 2.0 L

BMW 125i (218 HP) – 2.0 L

BMW 125i (224 HP) – 2.0 L

BMW M135i (320 HP) – 3.0 L

BMW M140i (340 HP) – 3.0 L
BMW 114d (95 HP) – 1.6 L

BMW 116d (116 HP) – 1.5 L
BMW 116d (116 HP) – 1.6 L
BMW 116d (116 HP) – 2.0 L

BMW 118d (143 HP) – 2.0 L
BMW 118d (150 HP) – 2.0 L
BMW 120d (184 HP) – 2.0 L
BMW 120d (190 HP) – 2.0 L

BMW 125d (218 HP) – 2.0 L
BMW 125d (224 HP) – 2.0 L


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