BMW 2-Series

BMW 2-Series is a compact-sized coupe of premium class which belongs to C-Segment. It is produced on base of its elder brother BMW 1-Series. This auto takes previous position before BMW 4-Series in production line which includes different models of compact coupes produced by major German automaker. What is BMW 2-Series? Well, it used to be BMW 1-Series E82. Later it was decided to bring this car into a separate model line in 2013. The main idea was to make new model which differs from traditional hatchbacks.BMW F22 2-Series

The main rivals of BMW 2-Series are Mercedes CLA, Audi TT/A3, Subaru BRZ, Toyota GT86 and other models.

BMW 2-Series is equipped with the same engines as its predecessor. All models are aimed on sports and power oriented. That is why producers decided to exclude motors with low HP and other powerful specifications. Apart from gasoline engines production line includes modifications with 2.0-liter diesel variation with different level of HP.

Here you will find overviews and detailed descriptions of BMW 2 Series engines including their specifications, types, advantages and disadvantages, the most common problems and repair, motor oil, tuning, motor lifespan and others.

List of BMW 2 Series models:

1 Generation, F22/F45 (2013 – present)

BMW 216i Active Tourer (102 HP) – 1.5 L 

BMW 218i (136 HP) – 1.5 L

BMW 220i (184 HP) – 2.0 L

BMW 220i (184 HP) – 2.0 L

BMW 225i (231 HP) – 2.0 L

BMW 225xe Active Tourer (224 HP) – 2.0 L

BMW 228i (245 HP) – 2.0 L

BMW 228i SULEV (245 HP) – 2.0 L

BMW 230i (252 HP) – 2.0 L

BMW M235i (326 HP) – 3.0 L

BMW M240i (340 HP) – 3.0 L

BMW 216d (116 HP) – 1.5 L
BMW 218d (143 HP) – 2.0 L
BMW 218d (150 HP) – 2.0 L
BMW 220d (184 HP) – 2.0 L
BMW 220d (190 HP) – 2.0 L
BMW 225d (218 HP) – 2.0 L
BMW 225d (224 HP) – 2.0 L



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