BMW 6-Series

BMW 6-Series is introduced as large coupe of premium class. It is produced on base of 5-Series and is placed above BMW 4 in production line. Apart from basic 2-door modification series also includes 4-door Gran Coupe as well as Convertible cabriolet version and BMW M6 sports modification.BMW F12 Cabrio

Main BMW 6 rivals include Mercedes-Benz CLS/CL/S-Coupe/SL, Lexus SC, Jaguar XK, Maserati GranTurismo, Audi A7, Porsche 911 and other sport cars.

We should firstly consider the segment when it comes to BMW 6-Series engines. They include only top motors with the best power and technical characteristics starting from 3.0-liter engines (630i). Diesel versions are also available for the customers including I6 3.0-liter turbo modifications. V8 (645Ci, 650i) and V10 (M6)  engines are the most powerful motors which are produced for BMW 6-Series.

Here you will find BMW 6 Series engine overviews, specs, weight, possible problems, disadvantages, malfunctions (overheat, noise, etc.), motor oil, tuning, upgrades, reliability, motor lifespan and other characteristics.

List of BMW 6 Series models:

1 Generation, E24 (1976 – 1989)
BMW 628CSi (184 HP) – 2.8 L

BMW 630CS (185 HP) – 3.0 L
BMW 633CSi (195 HP) – 3.2 L
BMW 635CSi (185 HP) – 3.4 L
BMW 635CSi (211 HP) – 3.4 L

BMW M635CSi (286 HP) – 3.5 L

2 Generation, E63/E64 (2003 – 2010)
BMW 630Ci (258 HP) – 3.0 L

BMW 630i (272 HP) – 3.0 L

BMW 645Ci (333 HP) – 4.4 L

BMW 650i (367 HP) – 4.8 L

BMW M6 (507 HP) – 5.0 L

BMW 635d (286 HP) – 3.0 L


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