Infiniti Q45

Infiniti Q45


Infiniti Q45 is full-size car, which was being manufactured from 1989 to 2006. The earliest model of this car was a shorter Nissan President HG50, adapted for the US market. The second generation is a slightly changed Nissan Cima Y33. The last generation is Nissan President PGF50.
At the time of manufacturing, Infiniti Q45 was a flagship model and it took the position over Infiniti I, and later – over the Infiniti M.Infiniti Q45
In 2006, this car was taken out of production, and Infiniti M took the flagship position.
Competitors of Q45: Lexus LS, BMW 7-Series, Audi A8, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and other luxury cars.

Infiniti Q45 engines were the most powerful and large of all available. The first generation was equipped with V8 under the name of VH45DE. The second version obtained a little less powerful 4.1L VH41DE that is also V8. The last version used V8 VK45DE with 4.5L displacement and 340 HP.

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List of Infiniti Q45 models:

1 Generation, G50 (1990 – 1996):
Infiniti Q45 (280 HP) – 4.5 L

2 Generation, FY33 (1998 – 2002):
Infiniti Q45 (266 HP) – 4.1 L

3 Generation, F50 (2002 – 2007):
Infiniti Q45 (340 HP) – 4.5 L