Infiniti Q70

Infiniti Q70


Infiniti Q70 (M) is full-size premium car, which is available since 1989. The first version had coupe body and was produced until 1993. Then, there was a break until 2002, during which Infiniti J30 and Infiniti I30/I35 were manufactured. In 2002, the production of Nissan Gloria began. This car was adapted for the North American market, and it was given the name of Infiniti M45. Since 2004, under the name Infiniti M the analogue of JDM Nissan Fuga is sold.
In 2013, it was decided to change the name of the car; today it is called Q70.
In the model range, Q70 is over Q50/G and it is the flagship.Infiniti M37
The main competitors of Q70: Lexus GS/ES, Acura RLX/RL/TL/TLXBMW 5-Series, Audi A6, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Volvo S90/S80, and similar premium cars.

The car of such level is equipped with the most advanced and powerful engines. The second generation had M45 index, which means it used 4.5-liter V8 under the name of VK45DE. In the third generation, there are VQ35DE and VQ35HR engines, as well as VK45DE. The fourth generation obtained fuel efficient VQ25HR. Also, this generation was equipped with VQ37VHR with 333 HP. The most powerful was VK56VD with 5.6L displacement. Moreover, the fourth generation used diesel V9X and hybrid VQ35HR with an electric motor.

Choose your car from the list and find out the most interesting things about the Infiniti Q70 engine, its specifications, main problems and faults, as well as their causes and fixes. In addition, we will tell about the oil capacity, how often you need to change the oil, engine’s lifespan, its tuning, and so on.

List of Infiniti Q70 models:

4 Generation, Y34 (2009 – present):
Infiniti M25 / Q70 (222 HP) – 2.5 L
Infiniti M37 / Q70 (333 HP) – 3.7 L

Infiniti M35h Hybrid / Q70 (365 HP) – 3.5 L

Infiniti M56 / Q70 (420 HP) – 5.6 L

Infiniti M30d / Q70 (240 HP) – 3.0 L