Infiniti I

Infiniti I30/I35


Infiniti I is a mid-size car, which replaced Infiniti J30. It has been produced from 1995 to 2004. This model is the same JDM Nissan Cefiro, but adapted for the North American market. In the Infiniti model range, model I took position between the G20 and Q45.
The main competitors of I30: Lexus ES, Acura TL, and other similar cars.
In 2004, this model was replaced by the large Infiniti M.

Infiniti I30

Infiniti I30 and I35 engines are only V6, their displacement is specified in the model index. The first-generation I30 was equipped with VQ30DE engine. In 1999, the second generation of this car was released and I30 obtained the modified VQ30DEK engine. Since the end of 2001 and until the end of production, 3.5-liter VQ35DE was being mounted under the hood of this car. Because of this, the model received a new index of I35. There are no more diesel, hybrid, and other versions.

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List of Infiniti I models:

1 Generation, A32 (1995 – 1999):
Infiniti I30 (193 HP) – 3.0 L