Infiniti QX70 FX

Infiniti QX70 (FX)


Infiniti QX70 (FX) is luxury sports crossover, available since 2002. By 2013, this car was named FX, then it was renamed to QX70. This car has no analogues in the Nissan range, unlike many other Infiniti models.
In the Infiniti model range, this car takes place between QX50 and QX80.
The main competitors of QX70: Lexus RX, Acura ZDX, BMW X6, Mercedes-Benz GLE-Coupe, and similar sports crossovers.Infiniti FX37

The car is marketed as the sports SUV, so its engines are the most powerful possible. The most famous and popular is the Infiniti FX35 engine, it is a legendary VQ35DE with a very pleasant sound. In the second-generation models, this engine has been modified to VQ35HR level. The second most popular is Infiniti FX45 engine; it is even more powerful VK45DE with a V8 configuration. This engine may be found only in the first-generation FX. Less common is FX37 engine. This engine has 333 horsepower; it was being installed in the second generation. The rarest are the FX50 engines with VK50VE motor and diesel FX30d with V9X motor.

Find your FX/QX70 in the list, and we’ll tell you what engine you have, its specifications, reliability, lifespan, main problems, faults, and their causes, as well as their fixes. In addition, you will learn your engine’s oil capacity, which oil is recommended to use, and its change intervals. We will also tell you about the engine tuning, which upgrades will give a maximum power for little money, and much more.

List of Infiniti QX70 models:

2 Generation, S51 (2008 – present):
Infiniti FX35 (307 HP) – 3.5 L

Infiniti FX37 / QX70 (333 HP) – 3.7 L
Infiniti FX50 / QX70 (400 HP) – 5.0 L
Infiniti FX30d / QX70 (238 HP) – 3.0 L