Infiniti Q40

Infiniti Q40


Infiniti G35/G37/Q40 is mid-size car, which has been produced from 1990 to 2015. The first and second generation of this model was Nissan Primera, adapted for the US market. Starting with the third generation, this is JDM Nissan Skyline for the US market. In 2013, the G37 Coupe was renamed Q60, and in 2014, G37 Sedan started to be called Q40.
In the model range, Infiniti G took the bottom step, first, under the Infiniti I, and later, under the Infiniti M.Infiniti G37
The main competitors of G37/Q40: Lexus IS, Acura TSX, BMW 3-Series, Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Volvo S60, and other luxury cars.
This model was being produced until 2015, later it was replaced by Q50.

Early versions had G20 index, which means they were equipped with naturally aspirated engine Nissan SR20DE. In 2002, the production of the well-known G35 began, which is significantly larger than its predecessor. Engine Infiniti G35 is exclusively VQ35DE, which had V6 configuration. The latest generation obtained several engines. The cheapest version used VQ25HR and was called G25. Then the more powerful G35 with VQ35HR engine came, later this engine was replaced with VQ37VHR, and its index changed for G37.

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