Nissan Skyline

Nissan Skyline

Nissan Skyline is a mid-size car. For the period since 1957 and up until now a lot of its generations have changed. The model gained its popularity thanks to Skyline GT-R R32, and later GT-R R33 and GT-R R34.
Skyline GTR became the cult car due to its legendary inline-6 cylinder twin-turbo RB26DETT engine with the power 280 bhp. This is one of the most famous engines in the world. All GT-R versions were equipped with it, starting from R32 body. Thanks to this engine and great controllability, Skyline frequently won the championship JTCC. A lot of performance parts, sold for this car, can easily raise its power to the maximal level. Moreover, you might see Skyline in such movies and games as 2 Fast 2 Furious, NFS Underground 2, etc., what also raised its popularity.Nissan Skyline GT-R V spec
Nissan Skyline GTR was manufactured till 2002. Then it was discontinued, but already in 5 years its successor Nissan GTR R35 appeared.

Besides the powerful GT-R, not that fast models were also produced, such as Skyline GTS. They use straight-6 cylinder 2-liter RB20DET, RB20DE and RB20E engines. Later 2.5-liter RB25DE and RB25DET appeared.
Nissan Skyline R34 are the modified engines on basis of R33 model. Skyline GT version used 2-liter RB20DE NEO, Skyline GT-V and GT were equipped with RB25DE NEO, and Skyline GT-T had RB25DET NEO engine.
In 2001 Skyline V35 was introduced. It was the analogue of Infiniti G35, equipped with naturally aspirated V6 engines, such as VQ25, VQ30 and VQ35.
In 2006 new Skyline V36 appeared, similar to Infiniti G37/G35. Skyline V36 had the same engines as Infiniti G35/G37: VQ25, VQ35 and VQ37.
As it has become clear already, Skyline V37, produced in 2014, is like Infiniti Q50, but equipped with modified hybrid engine VQ35HR. Also turbocharged Mercedes M274 is installed for Skyline. The capacity of this engine is 2.0 L.

You can pick your model below and learn, what Skyline engine is the best, what differences exist between the engines, their specs, general problems and repair. Besides, you will find what oil to use for your Skyline and about oil capacity. We will certainly tell you about tuning, what performance parts and upgrades will make your car the most powerful, how much bhp is possible to get on stock internals and other things.

List of Nissan Skyline models: