Acura TSX

Acura TSX is a mid-size sedan produced between 2003 and 2014. This car replaced Acura Integra sedan, being a European Honda Accord adapted for the North American market.
This Acura TSX occupied the position between Acura CSX/Acura ILX and larger Acura TL.
Competitors of Acura TSX are Lexus IS250/IS350, Infiniti G25/G35, BMW 320i/330i, Mercedes-Benz C250/C350, Audi A4, Volvo S60, and other cars.2009 Acura TSX
TSX was discontinued in 2014, and now you can buy Acura TLX instead.

Acura TSX engines are the same as in Honda Accord, but they are considerably fewer. The first generation of Acura TSX was fitted with K24A engines from JDM Honda Accord Type-S.
The second generation could choose from two engines, and the least expensive was the inline-4 K24Z from USDM Honda Accord. More powerful TSX were equipped with the V6 J35Z engine, same as in the large Acura TL sedan. And that’s the end to your choice of engines.

Here we will tell all the important and necessary things you should know about Acura TSX engines: their specs, common problems (high oil consumption, noise, uneven operation, vibration, etc.) and their reasons, what the expected service life of the engine is, what oil is recommended, and how often it should be replaced. We will tell about the main methods of increasing the power of your motor, what upgrades are to be made, and what you will get in the end.

List of Acura TSX models:


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