Toyota Venza

Toyota Venza


Toyota Venza is a mid-size car, the mix of crossover and minivan. It was produced in 2008 for the North America. Venza was developed on the platform Toyota K, known on such models as Camry, Highlander, Sienna, Avalon, Lexus ES and other popular cars. Among the competitors and analogs of Venza there are such cars as Dodge Journey, Subaru Tribeca, Nissan Murano, Honda Crosstour, Ford Edge, Lincoln MKX, Acura MDX, Subaru Outback and others. In the model range Toyota Venza is situated between the compact Toyota RAV4 and the midsized Toyota Highlander.2010 Toyota Venza

There are only two popular and well-known Toyota Venza engines. The first is I4 1AR with displacement 2.7-liter and power 185 HP. And the other is the well-known 2GR, used for many other models also. Its displacement is 3.5-liter and power 272 HP. Toyota Venza has been never equipped with any diesel engines.
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List of Toyota Venza models:

1 Generation, GGV10/GGV15 (2008 – 2017):
Toyota Venza (185 HP) – 2.7 L

Toyota Venza (272 HP) – 3.5 L