Toyota 3RZ

Toyota 3RZ-FE Engine

  1. Specifications
  2. Overview, problems
  3. Performance tuning

Toyota 3RZ engine specs

Manufacturer Kamigo Plant
Also called Toyota 3RZ
Production 1994-2004
Cylinder block alloy Cast-iron
Configuration Straight-4
Valvetrain DOHC
4 valves per cylinder
Piston stroke, mm (inch) 95 (3.74)
Cylinder bore, mm (inch) 95 (3.74)
Compression ratio 9.5
Displacement 2693 cc (164.3 cu in)
Power output 112 kW (150 HP) at 4,800 rpm
Torque output 240 Nm (177 lb·ft) at 4,000 rpm
Redline 5,500
HP per liter 55.7
Fuel type Gasoline
Weight, kg (lbs) 173 (380)
Fuel consumption, L/100 km (mpg)

for T100
15.0 (15)
9.0 (26)

12.5 (19)
Turbocharger  Naturally aspirated
Oil consumption , L/1000 km
(qt. per miles)
up to 1.0
(1 qt. per 750 miles)
Recommended engine oil 0W-30
Engine oil capacity, L (qt.) 5.1 (5.4)
Oil change interval, km (miles) 5,000-10,000
Normal engine operating temperature, °C (F) 90
Engine lifespan, km (miles)
-Official information

400,000+ (250,000)
Tuning, HP
-Max HP
-No life span loss


The engine is installed in Toyota 4Runner
Toyota HiAce Regius
Toyota Hilux
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
Toyota T100
Toyota Tacoma

Toyota 3RZ-FE engine reliability, problems and repair

In 1994, Toyota launched the new 3RZ-FE engine. This engine has completely replaced the 22R-E within three years. The 3RZ engine was designed for the off-road and commercial vehicles. It had a rather large displacement as for straight-4 configuration. This is due to the 95 mm cylinder bore and forged crankshaft with eight counterweights and 95 mm stroke. The 3RZ engine uses 2 balancer shafts, located in the crankcase. They serve to counterbalance the inertia forces of the second order.
On the top of the cylinder block, the aluminum DOHC cylinder head with four valves per cylinder is mounted. The diameter of the inlet valves is 37.5 mm, exhaust – 30.5 mm. This head does not use hydraulic lifters, so you have to adjust the valves clearances after every 20,000 miles of mileage (30,000-40,000 km). The valves clearances (in a cold engine): 0.15-0.25 mm inlet, 0.25-0.35 mm outlet. The intake camshaft is driven by a timing chain. To increase the torque at low revs, the 3RZ-FE uses a long runner intake manifold. It also uses the multi point injection system and electronic spark advance (ESA) ignition system. The firing order for the 3RZ-FE engines is 1-3-4-2.
Besides 3RZ, Toyota RZ series consists of a 2 liter 1RZ and 2.4 liter 2RZ.
This engine was being produced until 2004, later it has been replaced by a new 2TR-FE.

Toyota 3RZ engine problems and malfunctions

This is a rare case when the engine is designed without any serious flaws and faults. The 3RZ engine construction is very simple and reliable. You just need to maintain it regularly, adjust the valves when needed, and use good quality engine oil and gasoline. In this case, you will never need major repairs. 3RZ longevity is very high, its lifespan can exceed 250,000 miles of mileage (400,000 km). If your engine has passed over 120,000 miles (200,000 km), then you should check the timing chain condition. It is durable, but after 120,000 miles (200,000 km), it stretches and 3RZ knocking occurs. In all other respects, it is an excellent engine.

Toyota 3RZ engine tuning

3RZ Turbo. Supercharger

Construction of a good high RPM naturally aspirated engine on the basis of 3RZ is not the best idea. You can buy a cold air intake, short intake manifold, big throttle body, header and performance exhaust system.
After ECU configuration, these performance upgrades will give you about 180 HP. It is not too impressive, is it? You can go further and buy ITB, cams, and so on, but the cheaper option is to build 3RZ turbo.
Let’s see how to turbocharge 3RZ. You can simply buy 3RZ turbo kit that uses a Garrett T3/T04B turbocharger. It is installed on the stock internals and at a maximum boost pressure of 7 psi (0.5 bar), it gives additional 100 horsepower. The price of turbo kit is pretty good. Making more powerful designs using forged pistons, ARP head studs is a bad idea. It is better to buy 2UZ engine and make a swap.
You can buy 3RZ TRD supercharger kit, but its price is higher than that of the turbo kit. The supercharged 3RZ engine has a power of 225 HP, if you use the stock 2.75” size pulley. In this case, you completely remain stock internals. A great choice is to buy a used supercharger kit in a good condition.