Toyota 2TR

Toyota 2TR-FE Engine

  1. Specifications
  2. Overview, problems
  3. Performance tuning

Toyota 2TR engine specs

Manufacturer Kamigo Plant
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia
Also called Toyota 2TR
Production 2003-present
Cylinder block alloy Cast-iron
Configuration Straight-4
Valvetrain DOHC
4 valves per cylinder
Piston stroke, mm (inch) 95 (3.74)
Cylinder bore, mm (inch) 95 (3.74)
Compression ratio 9.6
10.2 (Dual-VVTi)
Displacement 2693 cc (164.3 cu in)
Power output 118 kW (160 HP) at 5,200 rpm
120 kW (163 HP) at 5,500 rpm
Torque output 241 Nm (178 lb·ft) at 3,800 rpm
246 Nm (181 lb·ft) at 3,800 rpm
Redline 5,500
HP per liter 59.4
Fuel type Gasoline
Weight, kg (lbs)
Fuel consumption, L/100 km (mpg)

for Tacoma
11.2 (21)
9.4 (25)

10.7 (22)
Turbocharger  Naturally aspirated
Oil consumption , L/1000 km
(qt. per miles)
up to 1.0
(1 qt. per 750 miles)
Recommended engine oil 0W-20
Engine oil capacity, L (qt.) 5.8 (6.1)
Oil change interval, km (miles) 5,000-10,000
Normal engine operating temperature, °C (F) 90 (
Engine lifespan, km (miles)
-Official information

400,000+ (250,000)
Tuning, HP
-Max HP
-No life span loss


The engine is installed in Toyota 4Runner
Toyota HiAce
Toyota Hilux
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
Toyota Tacoma
Toyota Fortuner
Toyota Innova

Toyota 2TR-FE engine reliability, problems and repair

Despite all the advantages of 3RZ-FE engine, by 2003 it has become too outdated. However, Toyota engineers decided not to send this good motor to the museum, they decided to update it. The new engine has been named 2TR-FE, it uses 3RZ cylinder block and new cylinder head. This head features a new variable valve timing system VVTi on the intake side. It uses hydraulic lifters, so you do not need to adjust the valves. This engine uses a new timing chain. Also, 2TR-FE uses a modified plastic intake manifold and an electronic throttle body. The engine control unit is completely changed.
These upgrades have added about 10 HP and increased torque at low engine speeds. Also, 2TR fuel consumption has improved; it was a big problem in the prior 3RZ engine.
In 2015, 2TR engine was upgraded. Since then, it features a variable valve timing system Dual-VVTi, on the intake and exhaust sides. Also, the compression ratio in these engines increased to 10.2, they feature the new connecting rod bearings, and the intake ports have changed.
In general, the 2TR is the modernized 3RZ.
Besides this 2.7 liter engine, Toyota TR series also includes a 2 liter 1TR.

Toyota 2TR engine problems and malfunctions

Compared with 3RZ, 2TR design has become more complex, but it still remains very reliable and durable. However, 2TR has some weaknesses:
1. Oil leak. Until 2008, the 2TR engines had a problem of a front crankshaft oil seal leak. It is solved via buying a new front crankshaft oil seal revision.
2. Vibration at idle. This problem happens when it is very cold. The reason is the automatic transmission. You just need to replace the transmission oil, then the vibration stops.
For 2TR-FE, you should use only that engine oil that is recommended by the manufacturer. If you maintain it regularly, its lifespan may be more than 250,000 miles of mileage (400,000 km).

Toyota 2TR engine tuning

2TR Turbo. Supercharger

Increasing the power of this engine is as simple as in case of 3RZ. You can buy the following 2TR performance parts: cold air intake, headers, and aftermarket exhaust system.
But it will not give you a lot of power, only the loud sound. It is much better to buy a turbo kit or a supercharger kit. Quite a lot of turbo kits are available in stores. Basically, they use Garrett T3/T4 turbocharger or cheap Chinese turbochargers. All these solutions allow you to get a 250+ horsepower on 2TR stock internals. But Chinese kits are not very durable, and, probably, after a few thousand miles, you will have to buy a new turbocharger.
URD 2TR supercharger kit is a good choice, if you are willing to spend a lot of money. These solutions use Rotrex C30-94 supercharger. They are easy to install on stock internals and they are able to give 250-270 HP. There is no need in making a more powerful project, just buy V8.