Lexus LX

Lexus LX


Lexus LX is flagship body-on-frame SUV. It takes the position over the mid-size SUV Lexus GX. LX model is produced since 1995 and during that time 3 its generations has changed. This vehicle is structurally similar to the world-famous Toyota Land Cruiser – this may be seen even in appearance.
The main competitors of LX: Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz GL, Infiniti QX80 (QX56), Audi Q7, Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Tahoe, and other SUV.Lexus LX 570

For the top-end car top-end engines were prepared.
Under the first generation cars hoods, only large 4.5-liter straight-6 1FZ engines are found. The second generation started using V8 with 2UZ index, its displacement is 4.7 liter. Lexus LX engines of the third generation are 3 different V8: 4.7 liter 2UZ, 4.6 liter 1UR, and really large 3UR with 5.7 liters capacity.

Below you may learn something new about Lexus LX engines: their specifications, main problems, their causes, and what to do in case you face them. In addition, you may learn what engine oil is recommended for your Lexus and how much of it is needed, as well as when to change it. In addition to this, you may learn how to maximize the power of Lexus LX engine and much more.

List of Lexus LX models:

3 Generation, J200 (2007 – present):
Lexus LX 460 (313 HP) – 4.6 L
Lexus LX 470 (271 HP) – 4.7 L
Lexus LX 570 (367 HP) – 5.7 L
Lexus LX 570 (383 HP) – 5.7 L