Toyota Sequoia

Toyota Sequoia


Toyota Sequoia is a large full-size SUV with construction body-on-frame. This car is produced in US and meant for the markets of the North America, partially for the South America and also for some Arab countries. It uses the same platform as the related pickup Toyota Tundra. In the range of Toyota SUVs Sequoia is above Land Cruiser Prado and 4Runner, at the very top along with Toyota Land Cruiser. Among its competitors and analogs there are Ford Expedition, Chevrolet Tahoe, Cadillac Escalade, Dodge Durango, Nissan Armada/Patrol and the similar full-size SUVs.2010 Toyota Sequoia

The engines for Toyota Sequoia are similar to the ones for pickup Tundra. They are 4.7-liter 2US for the first generation, and 4.6 L, 4.7 L and also 5.7-liter for the second. No diesel engines were used for Toyota Sequoia.
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List of Toyota Sequoia models:

2 Generation, K60 (2008 – present):
Toyota Sequoia (310 HP) – 4.6 L
Toyota Sequoia (276 HP) – 4.7 L
Toyota Sequoia (381 HP) – 5.7 L