Toyota Carina

Toyota Carina

Toyota Carina is a mid-size car with some sporty features. It had been produced in the period since 1970 till 2001. Later it was replaced with Toyota Avensis/Allion. Carina was created on the basis of Corona and it inherited its main components and units.Toyota Carina GT

Though being a small car, Carina was equipped with quite powerful engines. The most significant are the turbocharged I4 2-liter 3S-GTE – 260 horsepower and also the sporty naturally aspirated with displacement 1,6-liter. The power of the last reached 160 HP. They belong to the series 4A-GE “Black Top”. Besides, there were also some less powerful 1,5-2.0L engines of the most various series and modifications, including diesel engines.

Below you can find the most necessary and interesting information on all Carina and Carina E engines: their types, specs, common problems, malfunctions and repair, engine oil, lifespan, performance tuning and many other things.

List of Toyota Carina models: