Toyota AE86

Toyota AE86

Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 (Sprinter Trueno) “Hachiroku” is the fifth generation of Corolla and the fourth version of Levin modification. It appeared in 1983. At that time the rear-drive vehicle acquired great popularity among the drifters thanks to its good steerability, balance and disposition of the engines AE86 to tuning. The main competitors of the Toyota AE86 are Nissan Silvia S12/Skyline R30, Mazda RX-7, Mitsubishi Starion and other similar cars. Levin AE86 was produced till 1987. When it was discontinued, Levin AE92 was launched instead. Since 2012 Toyota GT86 had become a successor of the legendary AE86.Toyota AE86

There is nothing special about the Toyota AT86 engines. They are quite different modifications of 1,6-liter straight 4 cylinder engines. All of them belong to the series 4A, known on Toyota models. The carburetor AE86 motors are quite commons, while the injector model 4A-GE is worth noticing. It is much more sporty, and it has other pistons, new exhaust and intake system, performance camshafts and other novelties. Along with this, it is easy to upgrade and the power of AE-GE increases to 200+ HP.
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List of Toyota AE86 models:

Generation, AE86 (1983 – 1987)
Toyota AE86 (90 HP) – 1.6 L
Toyota AE86 (112 HP) – 1.6 L
Toyota AE86 (124 HP) – 1.6 L
Toyota AE86 (130 HP) – 1.6 L